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Dale Miquelle
Born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Dale Miquelle received a BS from Yale University, a MS from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho. Dr. Miquelle spent a year working on the Tiger Ecology Project in Chitwan National Park, Nepal, which cemented his interest in both international conservation efforts and large carnivore research. Dr. Miquelle worked for 6 years studying wildlife in Alaska with the US Forest Service (as part of his Ph.D.) and two years training international students in wildlife research with the Smithsonian Institution before joining the Sikhote-Alin State Reserve and Hornocker Wildlife Institute’s Siberian Tiger Project, now part of WCS. Dr. Miquelle is the Country Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Russia Program, and coordinates research and conservation actions to protect large carnivores and the ecosystems upon which they depend, focusing mainly in Northeast Asia.
Tatiana Perova
Deputy Director
Tatiana Perova received a Masters Degree in English Language and Philology at the Far Eastern State University in 1982. She began volunteering for the Hornocker Wildlife Institute’s Siberian Tiger Project (now part of WCS) in 1993. Since 2000 she has been the Deputy Director of the WCS Russia office.
Natalia Karp
Chief accountant WCS Russia
Natalia holds an M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics, as well a degree in Accounting and Auditing. She has experience designing and implementing software for accounting and purchasing departments as well as in network and servers administration. Since 2000 she has been working for WCS Russia as the Chief Accountant.
Andrei Dotsenko
Technical Consultant
Graduated from the Far Eastern Technical Fishery University, where he trained as a marine engineer. Since 1995, Andrei has worked for EPT/USAID Project in the Russian Far East. In 1997, Andrei began providing technical support for the Sikhote-Alin Reserve and Hornocker Wildlife Institute’s Siberian Tiger Project (now part of WCS) and since 2000 has acted as a technical consultant for all WCS Russia projects.
Lyubov Klyga
Assistant Accountant
Graduated from Primorsky Polytechnic Institute with a degree in accounting. She has worked as an accountant for WCS Russia since July 2011.
Anton Semyonov
Programs Manager
Anton Semyonov has worked for the WCS Russia Program since 2006 managing the "Hunters and Tigers" program with the focus on Tiger Friendly Certification Project. The program aimed to providing economic returns for local communities and hunting associations that meet minimum requirements to protect tigers and their habitat. WCS assists them in developing of additional sources of income such as local and international tourism and sport hunting as well as harvesting and processing of non-timber forest products. Anton has more than 15 year experience working with environmental NGOs in the region. Professional interests include: working models of business based conservation; sustainable communities; strategic management.
Denis Korchagin
Technical Assistant
Graduated from the Far Eastern Technical Fishery University, where he trained as a mechanical engineer. Denis has worked for WCS Russia since 2007 as a software engineer. He is responsible for accounting systems software support and maintenance, grants database, and MIST (anti-poaching) database support.
Michiel Hotte
Project Leader, anti-fire and anti-poaching programs
Michiel Hоtte is a Dutchman with a master degree in economics from the University of Amsterdam. He has been involved in tiger and leopard conservation in the Russian Far East for more than 15 years. Michiel implements for WCS a fire management project in the habitat of the remaining 30 Amur leopards. Michiel also manages a project aimed at improving the protection of four protected areas that form core breeding habitat for Amur tigers. Michiel assists the protected areas in the introduction of a spatial patrol monitoring system.
Igor Kolodin
Anti-poaching consultant
Igor graduated from the Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy as a wildlife manager. From 2003-2010 he worked as a Wildlife Inspector for the Regional Hunting and Forestry Departments. In 2011 Igor joined WCS Russia as a consultant on our anti-poaching project, where his expertise and insights are proving most useful.
Jonathan Slaght
Project Manager, Grants Manager
Jonathan Slaght has degrees in Russian Language (B.A.), Conservation Biology (M.S.), and Wildlife Conservation (Ph.D.). He has nearly 20 years of experience living, working, and traveling in Russia, with more than 15 years experience with avifauna of the Russian Far East. He is both a Projects Manager for WCS Russia, where he oversees two research projects, and the Grants Manager.

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